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This web server provides encrypted HTTP access for Campus Linux Services utilities. These include web applications that administrators can use to gather information about their Realm Linux clients. Also, this site exposes several APIs that clients make use of to retrieve and update configuration and report information.


Realm Linux Management Tools

Realm Linux Management Tools

Also know as the Liquid Dragon Project this is a tool designed to provide information about Realm Linux clients to system administrators on campus. This tool reports on all machines in each department, allows system administrators to set attributes on clients and departments, as well as test your Web-Kickstart configuration files.

Bugs and feature requests should be filed under “RLM Tools” in Bugzilla.

Red Hat License Counts

Red Hat License Totals per Department

This tool reports the number of Red Hat licenses used by each group in our RHN Satellite. The groups are normally easily related to a specific college or department. Also, a precentage of the total license usage is given. This page is updated nightly.

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